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Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese technique of metalsmithing dated back to the 1800's. The technique was used in the making of samurai sword handles and sheaths. Mokume Gane (moku=wood, me=eye and gane=metal) is known as a wood grain metal. Different metals combinations are alternately layered and fused (not soldered) together. These layers are then twisted and forged to create unique, one of a kind designs and patterns in the metal.

Most of the rings that I build are made with various karats and colors of gold's layered with silver. The reason I like to work with silver is because it etches so nicely. The rings are approximately 70% 14k or18k.

Etching is a process that takes the silver to a lower height than the gold. This creates a real definition between the two metals creating a 3D topography. This gives the ring an incredible texture. The silver also tarnishes and goes through changes that always keep your ring exciting.

I like to start with a deep etch so that over time, as the ring settles in, the texture remains for a life time of enjoyment.

Browse our website, view our gallery, and contact us with your mokume gane design ideas. We are happy to work with your stone or one of ours.

Deb Miller - Mokume Gane Artist for Diamond Peak Goldsmiths